Jan 6, 2009

This blog will serve as a resource to collaborators on all variety of projects that I find myself invovled with. It also gives potential clients a look at some of my work. It is simply a record of experience. For now its' theme is independent filmmaking with an emphasis on more affordable production scenarios.

The primary type of projects I am involved with relate to independent low/no-budget filmmaking. I have been active as a film/video maker since around 1990 and am currently practicing as a Director of Photography for short narrative projects being produced in Alabama. So far these have been mostly Horror movies in nature.

I am absolutely fascinated with the fast changing expansions in no budget filmmaking via digital technology advances.

Linear and non linear editing is where I began my professional pursuits in the field. Knowing what can be done after image/sound acquisition helps me tremendously in achieving the hope of a certain moment in a project.

After 15 years of experience ranging from a public-access sketch comedy show, corporate video, weddings, car commercials, reality television, documentaries and now about 15 short narrative projects I am a FIRM believer in concentrating ones' effort at the top of the process. "Fix it in post." is a scary phrase in my opinion. Although, these days, you usually can fix it in post; I believe that if you can get it right at the lense - why not?

The reply: time.


But if you do have the time, do all that you can to make it LOOK and SOUND as close to or beyond the caliber of your vision. And if you planned well - at the tip top of the process such as writing/methodology - you'll have SOME time (even with all the planning, time is a gift that seems a fancy for chaos and thus a bit of a luxury)

So with that as my first post I'll begin work on gathering thumbnails of some of my work and supply helpful links to fellow filmmakers taking part in this whirlwind digital revolution.

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