Dec 21, 2006


Muckfuppet is the latest project I have worked on as of now. I did lighting (not a surpirse - one day I want to do day - oh wait I actually did do lightning for "Sewing a River" - well geaaaooollie...what do ya know).

To read and look at more accounts of this shoot go to and then click on the updates link up top. Wade and Kenn have a really nice account of the day with pictures too.

Anyway, it is a 15 page script that we shot in 1 day. It is a conversation over a couple of cups of coffee about unconfessed love. It is written and directed by Ken McKracken, shot by Chance Shirley and stars Scott Ross and Melissa Bush. This shoot went really smooth and I feel that the footage obtained will work great to tell Ken's story. I'm excited to see it whenever it gets back from the lab. Oh yeah we shot it on Super 16mm 500T film stock with Chance's "old reliable" Aaton. Chance never used sticks. It is all shoulder/handheld "Law andOrder" type material.

All of theses stills were pulled from footage shot on a DVX that day. These are not from the movie. We have to wait on the lab for those.


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Wade said...

Super sweet -- nice job on the footage and the stills, Chris.