Dec 31, 2010

So it is now 2009 and I have not really kept up with this blog for 2 years, but have discovered that people do look at the blog so decided I should attempt to catch up with the times.

I have been busy working mostly on documentary productions as a DP and have traveled the country as a camera/sound operator for market research projects as well. I have also been on larger shows as a 1st AC.

So my recent experiences have been more related to using available light or at least minimal lighting setups and also lenses. I'm Planning a trip to NYC this summer to work on some big shows so that I don't loose my touch with the more elaborate light plots.

My latest personal project is a portrait of a local character named Tommy. Which I shot with the Panasonic HVX200 and sometimes used the M2 Redrock DOF Adapter.

I also have a feature that I am soon to begin production on if I can just work out one bug in the script.

I am gearing up for a lot of portable filmmaking with my production van and laptop to document this America I live in now. Strange times. For this project I may can only afford the Canon HV30 but its size is favorable and the picture it produces is hands down the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.

There are several other projects in the works big and small that I will use to frame a working knowledge around for this blog.

At this point some of the things I hope to write about include the changes that come with tapeless workflow, depth of field adapters and new affordable camera systems such as the Canon HV30, Canon 5D Mark II and Panasonic HMC-150.

Another area I may address is the importance of content. It seems we get so bogged down in all the technical know how stuff that we loose sight of why we are shooting what it is we are shooting. And this, I believe, is much more powerful than any lens or camera or software.

We now have reasonable access to the means of production so it will be interesting to see how we use it.

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